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Is a virtual currency or digital medium to exchange goods and services through electronic transactions without the need for an intermediary. The first cryptocurrency was bitcoin, being the main one so far. Later others appeared like Litecoin, Dogecoin, etc. they are decentralized (different from the fiduciary or physical currency like dollar, euro, etc. Which are administered by institutions or states), anonymous, international, safe (only you belong to you and nobody can intervene), without intermediaries, faster, use voluntary.


It is the first cryptocurrency to appear in 2009, since then it has continued to grow, reaching a much higher global value. After the struggle and confrontation with laws (well in favor of governments) of many entrepreneurs involved in the creation of coins for voluntary use came Bitcoin changing the rules of the game, created by group or individual named Satoshi Nakamoto (Although his true identity is unknown ), applied in the P2P network (peer-to-peer or peer-to-peer network) that supports it, perhaps the greatest achievement of having solved the problem of double spending in paying commissions to third parties in transactions. The operation of bitcoin is decentralized from any central institution (government or region), chain of blocks (database) distributed registering the transactions by the cryptography system that provides security functions, Bitcoin is generated by running the software (mining software ). They also consider that they have the ability to change the world in economic terms.

1 bitcoin = 1BTC = 1000 mBTC = 100000000 satoshis


For the mining through computers (due to the increase of the difficulty more powerful computers are needed) with a software that solves certain mathematical problems to confirm the transactions that the users of the network realize. But now there are companies dedicated to mining for what it offers us to associate with them (online mining).We can buy bitcoin on websites like xapo, coinbase, etc. and others who are engaged in trading or buying and selling cryptocurrencies.There are PTC sites, faucets and apps that pay in satochis.


They are pages that distribute satoshis with their users in exchange for a simple action such as resolving a captcha from time to time. You can accumulate your bitcoin for free and more if you get referrals, Not bad for those who start.

1000 satoshis = 0,00001000 BTC